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ZAO «Kupavnareaktiv»

ZAO "Kupavnareaktiv" is a member of the non-profit organization of chemical production and laboratory equipment “Roskhimreactiv,” founded in 2001.


Today we are one of the largest suppliers of chemical reagents, highly pure substances, chemical feedstock, laboratory glassware and equipment, organic solvents, filters, indicators, chromatographic solvents, school kits, brightening additives, fluxes, ceramic trays, PC-alloys. All our products for quality control in accordance with GOST and TU standards used in the Russian Federation.


ZAO "Kupavnareaktiv" has cooperated with OOO "Finechem" since 2014, selling premium class highly pure reagents of J.T.Baker (USA). The solvents and reagents of this great brand will be of interest to those working in scientific research, quality control, and high tech production.


Highly qualified specialists will be glad to see you among our clients and we are ready for long term cooperation. ZAO "Kupavnareaktiv" is an international company thanks to the the professionalism of its team of dedicated employees, constant renewal of assortment and efficient organization of logistics and warehousing. For your convenience you may check the website where you can easily find all information concerning the availability of our chemical products. We can arrange sale and delivery of any reagent in any volume not only in Russia but in the CIS countries and the Baltic states.


ZAO "Kupavnareaktiv's" main purpose is to deliver high quality chemical products and establish stable long term relations with our clients.


142450 Staraya Kupavna, Moscow region, Kirov St. 29, P.O. Box 22
Tel: + 7(495) 543-84-17, 543-84-97
Fax: +7 (49651) 9-20-96
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